Uleadair is a leading company in the Aviation English Training field with many years of experience teaching aeronautical communications. Our goal is to improve the communication skills of  aeronautical staff, be they pilots, air traffic controllers, flight attendants, mechanics or any other aviation professionals. We also provide exciting "mini-courses" for Flight Simulation, IVAO/VATSIM and other aviation enthusiasts.

In addition to Aeronautical English training, Uleadair delivers several other courses including Cockpit Resource Management (CRM), Controlled Flight into Terrain Avoidance (CFIT) and Approach and Landing Accident Reduction (ALAR). These first-rate trainings, delivered as online practice lab exercises, include useful concepts and insights into aviation. You'll experience scenarios involving navigation, communications, airmanship, problem-solving, dealing with onboard situations and negotiating with others in a realistic aviation environment.
Uleadair will help you train and practice for your Aviation English proficiency test, and more importantly, operate with competence, confidence and  safety into and out of international airports.


Competence Approach

This is a structured experience in which students practice Scenario-Based-Learning using interactive open-system software. Each class delivers carefully designed scenarios which allow pilots to participate in both predictable activities and out-of-the-ordinary flight situations. The interaction is provided through Uleadair's unique Language/Flight simulator. This online presentation software provides the ability to replicate "real-life" Air Traffic Control communications. Learners experience problem-solving situations from an immediate perspective. They improve their ability to make useful and judicious decisions in the Aviation English flight environment.

Using Uleadair's online resources, learners develop specific abilities that empower them to ensure flight safety. They become proficient at maintaining situational awareness in congested international airspace and at airports where English is spoken.

Since such skills need to be learned gradually, Uleadair's methods provide a series of "performance frameworks" that increase in difficulty as students advance through the course.

The teaching design develops self-awareness among learners. When we learned our native languages as children, we became  able to monitor our own performance. As we aged, we did not need to continuously rely on correction by others. Uleadair's unique learning system allows students to rapidly begin to notice and use those English language structures that "feel" right. In this way, Uleadair's Language/Flight Simulator technology promotes student-to-student as well as student-to-instructor learning experiences.



Why Choose Uleadair?

Virtual Courses

Uleadair offers virtual lessons via the Internet. Students may take their classes easily from anywhere in the world that has a broad band Internet connection. Classes may be held at a fixed hour every day or presented one-on-one on the students schedule.


Our software Language/Flight Simulator is the ideal software to learn and improve Aeronautical English. All phases of flight such as departure, climb-out, enroute, arrival, etc. may be simulated at selected airports, from small VFR operations to busy international airports like Chicago, New York or Los Angeles.

The software also has additional features built in, such as enabling you to experience situations like aircraft systems failures, passenger emergencies and other situations that make up the aviation environment. Uladair's simulations include weather, ground obstructions and airborne hazards.

American Air Traffic Controllers

Our Language/Flight Simulator is operated by Uleadair's staff of professional Aeronautical English instructors along with American Air Traffic Controllers. We help the learner feel like he or she is actually flying in the United States. Our controllers have many years of ATC experience in the United States' National Airspace System.


Safety is directly proportional to pilots’ capacity to communicate. If pilots cannot communicate effectively during abnormal or unplanned events, the flight may become a nightmare.

Uleadair delivers highly effective training. Our target, using the participation of our American instructors, is increased understanding of current principles and practices in the world's busiest airspace.


Uleadair has created a "one-of-a-kind" online learning environment. We combine leading edge group and individual learning experiences which are effective, fun and unique to the Aeronautical English training profession.


The validity of the our exciting flight scenarios is guaranteed! We have input from American aviators, controllers and English instructors pouring into each class. All lessons have been carefully designed and incorporate laboratory-like practices in simulated flights in real-world environments.
Our objective is to create realistic scenarios and interactions and to have the lessons learned become a part the learner's professional development.
This is the greatest concern of both the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and its member states.

High Tech - Low Cost

Uleadair's innovative trainings are very affordable because with our learning methods, all you need is a computer or mobile device and a good internet connection. Forget expensive Simulators, lengthy classroom drills, hotel costs and travel expenses. Our cost-effective training methods will have you improving your ICAO mandated Aviation English skills in a flash!

We invite you to take a sample class!

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