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How does it work:

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  4. Connect your audio
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  5. Begin your exam.

Aproximate duration: 30 min



Explaining our Method of Grading your Placement Exam



ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements

Pilots and controllers need to demonstrate English proficiency with a minimum of level 4 (operational). These requirements are based on safety issues regarding past accidents in which the lack of plain English was a contributing factor. ICAO claims that, in international airspaces, plain English should be used by crew members and controllers when phraseology is not enough to solve or clarify a situation. Meaning ICAO bases their Proficieny levels assuming every pilot knows the correct phraseology and terminology with no immediate problems.

“Skill and knowledge requirements on radiotelephony procedures and phraseology have been developed as an integral part of all aeroplane, airship, helicopter and powered-lift pilot licences”.

ICAO´s Annex 1, page 3-7, note 2.

Aligned with ICAO’s fundamental notion about previous knowledge of official phraseology, at Uleadair we teach student pilots English phraseology as a priority hand in hand with plain English to first have the students gain confidence in communicating in routine situations with particular focus on successful ATC interactions and fluency. This way the pilots first fill the first requirement of ICAO and are able to move to harder and more emerging situations learning plain English as a secondary resource when their knowledge of phraseology is not enough.

1. Why is important a placement exam?

The placement exam is important because if the English proficiency of a student is lower than the rest of the group, then he or she will not be able to take advantage of the skills taught in the course. The reverse is also true, if the student's proficiency is too high, then that student will feel unchallenged.


2. Table as a Guide for Placement.

At Uleadair, we give priority to teaching radiotelephony phraseology in English —as the primary language capability. To rate plain English we follow ICAO’s rating scale; This means from the six holistic descriptors (pronuntiation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprenhension and interactions) used to evaluate the students plain English, the lowest score will be set as the final grade. After scoring the plain English we check the use of correct phraseology and successful ATC interaction to properly recommend the correct course for each student.


This is a testing perspective in which the applicant has to demonstrate that he or she is able to communicate not only in plain English given the encounter of an unexpected situation but the correct phraseology to communicate effectively or negotiate adequately with the controller.