Tutorial to join a session or class:

The following sequence is a tutorial for you to know with all certainty how to join a session or class with Uleadair using a PC or Mac, running Windows XP or higher. The steps to connect are shown below.

NOTE: If you wish to join using mobile devices, the app is free for download at the Google or Mac Store. It’s called WebEx Meeting Center.

A) Join the session

1) The first step is recieving an email from "Uleadair Virtual Classroom". There, you can see what class/meeting you are invited to..  
2) When you click the invitation it will open and show the meeting information including name, date, time, etc. plus the meeting number and password. Click on the first link in blue: "Join Webex meeting"

3) You are asked to type in your name and email address. When you’ve entered this information, the JOIN button becomes active and with a click it will send you to the actual meeting. You will be asked to download an add-in (just this one time).

4) Later on, the process to install this add-in to your web browser starts. It takes about two minutes and then a counter will start showing so that you know exactly when you can expect to be connected to the session (it goes from 1-100%).

This is WebEx’s log, which surely already appears on your program’s bar. When you wish to go back to the meeting window (from any other program), just click this icon.


B) Set Up Audio

1) Up to this point, you haven’t quite joined the audioconference (you’re still missing the audio part). Make sure you have a headset plugged in. To join the meeting, click CALL USING COMPUTER, or the tab that says MORE which gives you options to set up your audio and then join the audioconference.

2) There is an AUDIO tab also located on the top left menu along with other tabs. You can click, then a drop-down menu will show and you can use it too to set up your audio just as you did previously. So it’s an alternate way to do it.

3) When you set up the audio it looks like this. It gives you the option to select and test the device of your choice for both audio input and output (mic, speakers, headset, headphones, etc.) If the test is sucessful, click OK and then go ahead and call (connect) via computer.

Finally, if you ever get to lose the audio (voice or sound) while being in a meeting, just follow the steps above to rejoin the audioconference (connect again—go to the AUDIO tab and follow the steps described before.


C) Identify the elements of the virtual classroom

1) See the following diagram to know the elements of the virtual classroom

2) If the instructor shares his desktop on full screen the menu will be at the top center of your screen, in a green rectangle.

Roll over your mouse in the next image to see how the menu will display when you are in full screen mode: