Tutorial to use external control

The external control is a remote control for your aircraft.

A) Knowing the external control:

Our virtual classes are conducted with a support system that helps the pilots fly their own aircraft. This system is shared online by the controller so the pilots can maneuver in any scenario taught.

Fly your own aircraft online while learning!

What is the external control?

It’s a remote control for your aircraft. Shown on the right hand picture.

What can i do with it?

Pilots will be able to control their aircraft’s three parameters*:

  1. Heading
  2. Speed
  3. Altitude

*In real time with just a few second’s delay .

You can change this parameters in 2 ways:

  1. Using the arrows to increase or decrease them (just in some browsers).
  2. Typing the exact number.

And then press "Change" to see the changes on the usim.

How does it work in the class?

Make small the External Control Window (using the button on the left lower corner or manually)

Put the External Control Window on top and the Window with the Class on the background (webex with the usim).

In this way you will be able to see what the instructor and the other students are doing while you move your own aircraft.

See the animation in the right:




B) How to set it up?


1) The instructor will put a link in the chat (Webex).

2) You could click that link or copy&paste in your browser.

3) A black screen will open. Click where it says “Reduce window”. You’ll get a little box. Or reduce the window manually.

4) The instructur will give you:

  • The session number.
  • The aircraft number.
  • The call sign of your airplane..

Note 1: Write the call sign exactly as you see it, using numbers, capitals and spaces.

Note 2: Wait for the instructor indication to press "Start".

5) If you follow all these steps you will see this image.

From this point all the parameters that you change in the external control will be reflected in the instructor's screen. (With a small delay between 1 to 4 seconds depending on your internet speed).


Note: on the lower left side there is a countdown of 10 minutes. Every time you make changes the countdown reboots. If you don't make any change in 10 minutes the control will be disconnected. If you want to continue just connect again.