Tutorial to join a session or class:

The following acces button is a tutorial for you to know with all certainty how to join a session or class with Uleadair using a PC or Mac, running Windows XP or higher.

NOTE: If you wish to join using mobile devices, the app is free for download at the Google or Mac Store. It’s called WebEx Meeting Center.


Tutorial to use external control:

Our virtual classes are conducted with a support system that helps the pilots fly their own aircraft. This system is shared by the controller for the pilots to maneuver in any scenario taught.

Fly your own aircraft online while learning!



Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I know what level I fit into?

A: We offer free placement exams to figure out what level fits your needs, English proficiency and



Q: Are the classes Interactive with the ATC Controllers for the whole two hours of the sessions?

A: Yes for level 3, 4 and 5 the ATC controller is with you the whole two hours of the session doing

examples and practices.


Q: How do we know when is the next course?

A: Feel free to contact us at contact@uleadair.com or call us directly at 407-705- 2470. Our courses

open when we have a group of 7 or more.


Q: What is the U –SIM and what is it used for?

A: The U -Sim is a virtual flight simulator which can simulate any airport, aircraft or failure to

combine “learning while doing” in the practical part of the class. In this virtual simulator,

communications and procedures become as real as possible simulating a routine or non-routine

situation, at any airport, depending on the purpose and objective of the class. Here the ATC

controllers have the freedom to exercise pressure on the student if he is not doing well and the

students can visually be explained the details of a procedure or communication specific to an

airports in the United States.


Q: How do I sign into your online class

A: Our WEBEX server will send you an email with the invitation for each of your classes or our

private course a couple hours before your session. For more details on how to sign in, take a look at our tutorial.