Navigate ATC language to become the safest pilot in the sky

Virtual Simulator

Our online simulator reflects any scenario at any airport or airpsace in the Unites States so pilots can practice ATC communications in a real live context. See example at the end of the page.

Online Classes

Pilots may take their classes easily from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer or mobile device and good internet.

High Tech - Low Cost

Uleadair's innovative competency based training lets you practice specific on-the-job language skills specific to pilots, mechanics and flight attendance at an affordable price.

Why choose Uleadair?

American Air Traffic Controllers

American Air Traffic Controllers

Our FAA controllers have more than 30 years of experience working in the NAS and all have a background in teaching at the Oklahoma ATC Academy. These FAA controllers instruct our classes teaching from standard FAA phraseology to FAA regulations. During the practice section of our classes our ATC controllers take on the part of live ATC to give the experience of a real live flight.

                        based learning

Scenario based learning

Our Scenario based learning method combined with our virtual simulator lets us emerge pilots in all stages of flight to practice ATC communications and procedures simultaneously.

This method of teaching lets us re create routine and non routine scenarios, to make sure pilots are learning and practicing not only routine phraseology but also stategic communications needed to solve any non routine situation.

                        Classes and Quality Meetings

Online Classes and Quality Meetings

Our online classes make it easy for any pilot or student pilot to join a class wherever they might find themselves. As long as you have stable internet to join a zoom meeting and a microphone you can practice and learn Aviation English, strategic communications, procedures and FAA regulations anywhere in the world.

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Uleadair is a leading company in the Aviation English Training field with more than 15 years of experience teaching aeronautical communications. Our Scenario Based Learning method creates a game-like Aviation English training experience with live interactions with our FAA ATC controllers or specialized English teachers. Since our methods are uniquely designed to bring Aviation English skill levels from mere competency to mastery in such a short time, we are able to outperform other training methods.

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Our Team


Capt. R. Alejandro Pérez Chávez CEO

I am a recently retired airline captain from Aeromexico Airlines with 18,000+ hours in various aircraft including DC-8, DC-9, MD-80, B-767, and the 787. I have an advanced degree in Industrial Anthropology from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and conducted a linguistic analysis of the American Airlines 965 accident (Cali, Colombia) for my master’s thesis. Currently, I am the founder (and director) of Uleadair – Aviation English and Airmanship online training, LLC. Uleadair has 15 years of specialized experience teaching non-native English speaking pilots on how to communicate effectively within the U.S. National Airspace System and testing non-native English pilots with immersive scenarios (simulations) in order to provide validity by focusing only on communication skills in relation to genuine operational tasks.

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