Samples of Classes

Here you will find some fragments and samples of our classes. As the courses are online you can jump into a class from the comfort of your home or at the airport while you’re waiting for the weather to clear, just as long as you have internet. All our classes are given by FAA controllers in real time giving you one on one learning interactions and helpful tips while flying to hundreds of airports all around the U.S with other student pilots from all over.

In the first part of each class we will teach you how to overcome various communication challenges with specific linguistic resources, basically meaning learning to say the exact words needed. The second part of the class is a virtual simulator where you are placed inside a realistic scenarios carefully designed to develop your skills in a second language, with the ATC controller acting as if it was a real flight. On Friday we have our marathon where you put into practice what you learned during the week inside our virtually flight simulator gaming platform to reinforce what you learned while having fun.

Clip of IFR course

Marathon clip (routine procedure)

Boston Ground (Taxiing and closed runway)

Demostration. Ex: "The importance of ATIS"

Decision making and solving problems!

Confronting non-routine or emergency situations

Clip of VFR course

Marathon clip (using comunications resources)

Teaching and Practicing. Ex: "Reporting Points"

Corrections and helpful tips

Departures, taxiing, approaches and arrivals

A variety of E-learning Scenarios